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EJMM was founded Summer 2014. Based out of Texas (formerly TN), EJMM represents male models and talent in commercial and fashion markets toward local bookings. We seek to foster development and placement of male models and talent in stateside and international agencies. For booking inquiries or other general information, please email


If interested in becoming a part of EJMM, send an email to the address above. You should include age, height, weight, waist size, shoe size, and eye and hair color.

In a brief statement, detail why you would like to be considered for development, current location, and any applicable  previous experience in modeling and/or acting.

Submit 3 smartphone snapshots (front, side, & back) full-length or head-to-knee in a mirror or against a blank wall shirtless in fitted jeans and/or in a pair of briefs in good lighting (non-edited images only). You will receive a response within a week.




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