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(limited-edition runs)

All images viewable on my website, Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook are available for print; however, the following images have been photographer-selected as limited-edition prints. This simply means that a finite number of prints are available per image for purchasing. 


Sizes available include 8x12 (10) | 16 x 24 (10) | 20 x 30 (5) | 24 x 36 (3). Prices vary per image (s&h included for domestic orders), and digital files are available for corporate buys.


Print options/recommendations include lustre paper (a semi-gloss print to bring out vibrant colors) and metallic paper (highly reflective and glossy) for special black-and-white printing.


Each print is individually signed and numbered to document its validity in the collection.


Once you locate the image(s) you would like for print purchasing - or if you would like to inquire about a certain type of image, model, etc. - use the info box on the Booking page to contact me and I will respond as soon as possible.


The following image galleries may be accessed to the right (galleries contain lo-res images for website purposes; the print(s) you select will not be watermarked and/or censored):


Fashion-Editorial: Storytelling and/or outfitting is the focus of these images as a concentraion for the photo.


Portrait: These images demonstrate the power of a single capture to showcase the essense of a person, typically photographed in a studio setting.


Art: Subjective aesthetics of photography (colors, textures, etc.) are reflected with or without people as the subject(s).


Nude: The human body in various states of being and artistry is depicted. Site membership is required to view these images. Click the Login/Sign up button to request access.


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